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About WeldForce Fabricators

WeldForce Fabricators provides assembly, bending, cutting, finishing, tube fabrication, and welding services at the best quality to its clients. While providing these services each day to our clients; it is our highest priority to ensure all employees’ safety in their work area at all times. Employees are continuously involved in sharing their ideas and creativity, are continuously given training and tools to increase efficiencies per project, and are empowered to reach job satisfactions each day. WeldForce Fabricators promotes fairness and diversity even as a minority established company. Its owners are focused on growing the organization to successful national and international classifications in its industry while increasing business expertise and wealth. Owners of WeldForce Fabricators aim to provide fair compensation to their employees, give room to grow, provide a healthy, creative work environment, and respect for diversity. Our presence in our community is of equal importance through creation of jobs and charity contributions/sponsorship towards younger generations and their educational programs.

In 2014 Felix Castro and Ismael Guajardo set out to build a fabrication business to provide competitive jobs for all qualified people in their immediate community (Houston, TX). Business is based in Texas with clients and employees all over the US. Both owners provide on-site welding classes to potential employees as well as promote welding certifications once on-site classes are completed.

2015 was a year for no chit chatting, the focus remained on growing WeldForce Fabricators in spite of fewer projects and the downturn of the oil and gas industry.

2016 and the future, we are breaking grounds through industry diversity to include construction, heavy equipment, and power generation markets. We are gaining new clienteles, aiming for more certifications, and climbing new heights in the fabrication industry. Plus, our owners continue to provide hands-on training to their employees.


Around The Community

Proud sponsor of the 2016 Shadow Creek Sharks Baseball Team

WeldForce Fabricators is active around many surrounding Houston communities, actively participating in school fundraisers and sponsorship's.