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Rights & Policies

Section 1. Rights & Policies

The following section summarizes your legal rights as an employee of WELDFORCE FABRICATORS, LLC. Questions about any policy detailed in this section may be addressed with a Human Resources representative.

1.1 Equal Opportunity Employment Policy

The Company provides equal employment opportunities to all applicants, without regard to unlawful considerations of or discrimination against race, religion, creed, color, nationality, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, ancestry, physical or mental disability, medical condition or characteristics, marital status, or any other classification prohibited by applicable local, state or federal laws. This policy is applicable to hiring, termination and promotion; compensation; schedules and job assignments; discipline; training; working conditions, and all other aspects of employment. As an employee, you are expected to honor this policy and to take an active role in keeping harassment and discrimination out of the workplace.

1.2 Accommodation for Disabled Employees

We are happy to work with otherwise qualified disabled employees in order to accommodate limitations, in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). It is up to the employee to approach his or her supervisor with this request, and to provide medical proof of his or her needs upon the Company's request.

We are also happy to accommodate employees diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses. Such employees are welcome to maintain a normal work schedule if they so desire, provided that we receive medical papers proving their working cannot harm themselves or others and their work remains at acceptable standards.

1.3 Employment of Minors

Our policy on employment of minors adheres to all FSLA standards, including the following:

 Minimum employment age (14 for non-agricultural work)

 Maximum weekly hours for employees under 16

 Minimum hazardous job employment age (18)

 Sub-minimum wage standards for students, apprentices, disabled employees, and employees under the age of 20.

1.4 Employment of Relatives

The employment of relatives can prove problematic, particularly situations where relatives share a department or a hierarchical relationship. The Company will not hire relatives to work in any potentially disruptive situation. An employee must inform us if he or she become a co-worker's relative. If at any time we perceive the situation to be dysfunctional, we may have to reassign or ask for one relative's resignation in order to remedy the situation.

1.5 Religion & Politics

WELDFORCE FABRICATORS, LLC is respectful of all employees' religious affiliations and political views. We ask that if you choose to participate in a political action, you do not associate the Company in any way.

We are happy to work with employees to accommodate political and religious obligations, provided

accommodations are requested from a manager in advance.

1.6 Private Information

Employee information is considered to be private and only accessed on a need-to-know basis. Your healthcare information is completely confidential unless you choose to share it. In some cases, employees and management may receive guidelines ensuring adherence to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Personnel files and payroll records are confidential and may only be accessed for legitimate reason. If you wish to view your files, you must set up an appointment in advance with Human Resources. A Company-appointed record keeper must be present during the viewing. You may only make photocopies of documents bearing your signature, and written authorization is needed to remove a file from Company premises. You may not alter your files, although you may add comments to items of dispute.

Certain information, such as dates of employment and rehiring eligibility, are available by request only. We will not release information regarding your compensation without your written permission.